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I am excited to announce that I am running as a Democrat for District Court Judge in Harris County

After 17 years as a trial attorney, I have gained the experience and temperament to serve as a judge.

My experience as a felony prosecutor, plaintiff’s attorney, and defense counsel over the years at both state and federal levels has instilled in me the knowledge and skills to serve the people of Harris County impartially and judiciously.

I look forward to connecting with you all on serving for the public good.

Meet Lema Barazi

My Background

Native Houstonian
Raised in Alief
Mom, Trial Attorney, Professor

Higher Education

JD - Univ. of Houston
MBA - Texas Tech
BA - Political Science

17 Years Experience

Felony prosecutor

Plaintiff’s attorney

Defense counsel

Get to know my family

Meet the Barazi Family

Lema Barazi and her 11-year-old daughter, Layla, call Houston their home. While situated in Houston, the family has done much to reach and help people far beyond the city borders.

Lema Barazi, a trial attorney specializing in commercial and intellectual property litigation, also does a lot of volunteer work. Her pro bono work focuses on securing asylum for victims fleeing persecution in their home countries in the Middle East.

Her fluency in speaking, reading, and writing Arabic, coupled with her keen insight into Middle East politics, makes her uniquely qualified in advocating for her clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, successfully securing asylum for numerous individuals and families...

Meet the Barazi Family

This is a paragraph you can use to show relatability... you're a mom, a society member...

...everything you do OUTSIDE of being a lawyer...

..TRY NOT TO FOCUS ON YOU... your family volunteers... you're involved in school and supporting your husband. Your favorite sports team...

...Your hobbies...

Talk about Layla...this is MOM of the year stuff...

Talk about Mahmoud

Talk about loving the community

Talk about loving Houston

What I Believe In

Equal access to justice regardless of race, national origin, or religion.

Respect for All

You will be treated with respect in my courtroom.

Justice for All

You will not be discriminated against in my presence.

Equal Access

You will have equal access to justice no matter what.

Get Involved

Why am I running for judge?

Why am I running for judge?

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